RUNNING: a form of locomotion that allows humans to move rapidly on foot, the movement is characterized by repetitive aerial and ground phases. During the aerial phase the feet can be completely off the ground. Momentum is gained during the ground phase.

JUMPING: a form of locomotion or movement in which humans propel themselves into the air in a ballistic manner with a trajectory more vertical than horizontal.


How do athletes accelerate? How do they decelerate? What’s the Figure-4 position? How do we increase stride frequency and stride length? What are the mechanics of amazing change of direction skills? What’s the trochanter, and what’s its relation to speed?

Running, jumping and the power generated from both are vital components to success in many sports. We will answer the aforementioned questions, and so many more, during this 3-day seminar.

Bring your athletic shoes.


Sprinters … Middle Distance Runners … Long Distance Runners … Long Jumpers … Triple Jumpers … High Jumpers … Pole Vaulters … Decathletes … Heptathletes … Running Backs … Wide Receivers … Ice skaters … Speedskaters … Roller Skaters … Basketball … Running backs … Wide Receivers … Rugby … Cross Country Skiing … Snow Shoeing