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By training, Mindy Clark is a medical doctor, a dermatologist to be exact. By trade Mindy is entrepreneur with more than 30y years of experience in executive health care administration. She has had a broad entrepreneurial career path having played a principal role in spearheading the planning, opening, and directing of large medical organizations with a continued focus on the world of sports.

In 2007, Dr. Clark decided to combine her passion for medicine, golf, and physical fitness by expanding her knowledge of Pilates as well as golf swing mechanics. She spent one year in Italy achieving certification as a Pilates instructor before embarking on a multi-faceted two-year certification process with the Titleist Performance Institute (T.P.I.). She is one of only a few individuals globally to achieve the Master Instructor level of accreditation, having completed certification as a Level 3 Medical Professional, Level 3 Fitness Professional, Level 3 Junior Professional, Level 3 Golf Professional, and Level 2 Golf Biomechanics.