Coach Milo is inviting 6 personal trainers, strength and conditioning specialists, physical therapists, doctors, sports coaches and other professional who work with young athletes to participate in an intensive high-performance Strength and Conditioning Mentorship.

Coach Milo, who lectures and presents nationally and internationally, has designed this program to educate sports and fitness industry professionals on effective training techniques.

Over four days, the program will cover exactly how to assess young juniors, adolescent juniors, teens and college-age athletes. We will illustrate how Coach Milo takes the information from the assessment and goes through the steps needed to create the best program for the athletes. Then coaches will see how he trains the athletes. Check out a sample schedule for the four days here.

The coaches will be challenged to create programming and implement that programming. They should expect four full days of information and should come prepared to put in ample amounts of sweat equity.

This is program is all about mental knowledge and physical execution.

Participants can expect to learn techniques for:

  • Customer Service
    • Initial contact
    • On telephone
    • In person
      • Continuing contact/updates
  • Movement Preparation and Muscle Activation
  • Assessing Mobility, Stability, Strength and Power
  • Differences in Training Females and Males
    • The Menstrual Cycle
      • Talking about it (yes, we will get into details)
      • Understanding it
      • Embracing it
  • Core Strength/Explosiveness
  • Lower Body Strength/Explosiveness
  • Upper Body Strength/Explosiveness
  • Totally Body Plyometrics
  • Sprint Mechanics
    • Importance
    • Implementation
  • Body-Weight Training
  • Speed Endurance
  • Rehab – for a Trainer
  • Marketing to Families and Coaches of Young Athletes
Coach Milo teaching for TPI in Beijing, China.

Coach Milo teaching for TPI in Beijing, China.

Coach Milo has developed a system that yields results in a safe an effective manner. If you want to positively affect your training business the day you return home, this program is for you.

Upcoming coaching mentorship: OCT. 2-5

All coaching mentorships take place at MILO - Limitless Fitness, 15555 Jimmy Durante Blvd., Del Mar, CA, USA 92014

This program is open to 12 professionals. So, reserve your spot, and REGISTER HERE.