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From his trousers, the checkered ones or the neon ones or the combination of the two, to his ability to explain complex and dynamic golf skills to 4-year-olds, Matt is an atypical personality in a field that screams typical. He is an 11-year member of the PGA, but relishes the opportunities to teach the youngest golf enthusiasts. He is the general manager of a 33-acre sports complex that includes swimming, tennis, volleyball, an RV Park and the Del Mar Golf Center, yet he can be seen, along with a half-dozen of his employees, in thigh-high boots fixing broken water mains. Whatever it takes to get the job done the right way, that's Matt.

Matt is just as involved when it comes to building a successful long-term athletic development program. He loves golf and all of the unique, special and life-long experiences that come with the game. He started The Academy at Del Mar Golf Center to bring a special brand of golf development and fitness training to young athletes. 

Matt's primary goal has been to develop a long-term program that is FUN, develops athletes, creates competent life-long golfers and entices young athletes and their parents to return season after season.

The intricacies of creating a sustainable and marketable youth program require an executable plan and a team with a cohesive focus. With the success of the The Academy at Del Mar Golf Center - which was sold out midway into its second year of operation - as a testimony, Matt knows how to create teams, develop plans and execute them. His passion for teaching young athletes earned him the 2015 San Diego PGA Junior Golf Leader distinction and a selection as a 2016 US Kids Top 50 Golf Teacher.