Mark "Mo" Molthen

Dr. Molthen.jpg

Mark is a movement specialist specializing in prevention, pain reduction, self correction and treatment. In his 35 years of in the health and fitness industry, Mark has worked in numerous professional, collegiate, high school and middle school athletes.

Mark founded, developed and works in a fully integrated office focusing on worker injuries, work wellness as well as in the athletic and private sectors using traditional medicine, chiropractic, physical therapy and athletic training (Functional Integrated Rehabilitation Medicine /UrgencyMed and Functional Integrated Therapy/ HealthyU). He currently serves on the Fresno State University and Fresno Pacific University sports medicine panels as a chiropractic movement specialist and educator. At both educational institutions, Mark instructs and certifies their exercise science students as part of their curriculum for the first level of the Functional Movement Screen by Functional Movement Systems. 

Mark is currently with Central Valley (CA) school districts to reinvent a modern PE model and help institute a long-term youth development program that extends to high school.