DFS: a function of the neuromuscular muscular system that forces muscles to contract and fixate the body against an outside force while employing fine muscular adjustments to affect movement.


Seen the bodies of the world’s best skiers lately? How about NASCAR drivers? Their bodies reflect their commitment to being prepared to dominate their sport – by effortlessly controlling a robust amount of G-forces.

There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that this seminar will be taught with participants crouched in their best Lindsay Vonn downhill position. You’ll just do it 75% of the time while being shown all the fancy workings of the inner and outer core and how we can teach our athletes to use them to affect their every movement.



Downhill Skiing … Auto racing … Motorcycle racing … Surfing … Bodyboarding

Luge … Bobsledding … Curling … Kite Surfing … Parasailing … Shooting ... BMX