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Corey is a nationally-recognized sports performance coach, motivator, personal trainer and is a sought-after internationally for his fitness acumen. He is also the founder of Corey Taylor Sports Performance in Louisville, Kentucky, a private sports performance training facility with the goal of providing a unique environment where athletes of all ages and levels can develop and maximize all aspects of Sports Performance and fitness through Mind, Body, and Athlete Development.

CTSP is renowned for its NFL Combine Prep program as well as all of its sport-specific training regiments, pushing athletes mentally and physically to reach new heights and develop a winner’s mindset. With his advanced education, professional experience and extensive background as a competitive athlete, Corey is committed to providing opportunity to athletes of all sports and abilities to maximize their potential.

Corey has spent several years developing and managing specialized programs for thousands of athletes and works daily to keep abreast on the most current research and information in the field of exercise science and sport performance. Corey is a powerful motivator, strong leader, and a passionate coach who thrives on helping others achieve their goals.

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