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Janet s a 35-year veteran of the health and fitness industry and co-owner of Pacific Fitness and Health, Inc. a private studio in Encinitas, California. Janet’s disciplined, and scientifically based approach to strength and conditioning has helped mold her into a knowledgeable and sought after fitness professional and has allowed her to work with a wide range of athletes in a variety of sports. Working with the female athlete has become a focal part of her business, as Janet’s dedication and passion for the complexities of ‘being a woman’ in the field of strength and conditioning has garnered her clients, both amateur and professional, worldwide. Her progressive and creative program design has culminated in not only wins but also good hormonal health for her stable of female athletes.

As a popular fitness consultant and presenter, her previous work experience garnered from an eclectic array of career choices not only makes her fun to listen to but also capable of working and presenting to ‘anybody’ from celebrity to homebody and every sort of athlete in-between. She is an instructor for the Titleist Performance Institute Certification course (Level 3 Fitness), is T.P.I. Certified, has appeared on the Golf Channel with Dr Greg Rose and Dave Phillips, founders of the Titleist Performance Institute speaking on fitness for females and sits on the Titleist Advisory Board as a member of the Fitness & Exercise Board. 

Not one to rest on her past academic achievements in the field of physical education and sports science, Janet has now chosen to extend her knowledge base further and is currently studying Osteopathy -SomaTraining and SomaTherapy, two three year programs under the guidance of internationally recognized French Osteopath DO, Physiotherapist and Doctorate of Medicine Dr Guy Voyer. His teachings on the importance of fascia, myofascial stretching, proprioception and segmental spinal stabilization techniques including ELDOA’s are just a few of the subjects Janet has added to her resume and vast skill set. Dr Voyer is also a former French national and world judo champion, which adds an exciting ‘real world’ dimension to his already extensive lecturing base. 

Her fresh yet focused, holistic approach to wellness and health has also been used to her own advantage as a successful competitive age group triathlete, runner, cyclist and cross-country skier. She travels the world to race and compete and follows a simple motto: ‘Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.’