ACROBATIC: the ability to involve or be adept at amazing gymnastic feats.

COMBATIVE: activities employing the use of the body in stylistic and rhythmic movements or in competitions that require lethal force.


There is a symbiotic relationship between martial arts, gymnastics and dance. The best master fluidity in movement, learning to think with their bodies, organizing motions within the flow of the activity – be it a bachata dance, freestyling a parkour jaunt or twirling on Olympic rings.

This seminar prepares trainers and coaches to give boys and girls – who will be at radically different developmental stages – the best chance at become masters of their own movement.  This is more than somersaults and twirls, more than flexibility and mobility. Be prepared to challenge your kinesthetic awareness and vestibular sense – a lot.

Dancers (Hip-Hop, Ballet, Swing, Salsa, etc.) … Offensive Linemen … Defensive Linemen … MMA … Martial Artists … Gymnastics … Boxing … Cheerleading … Wrestling … Diving … Synchronized Swimming … Water Polo